Upcoming Technologies For 2020 That Every Business Person Should Know!

Few years back, a research was conducted by experts about the progressive performance and pattern of the B2B customers. The study shows that 74% of B2B buyers research more than half of their work online. The market research also establish that approximately 56% of the buyers today favor to buy their established products online.

‘Accessibility’ is the main factor of influence to shift people’s perspective to online from offline. 74% of B2B customers enjoy to make a purchase online than deal with sales staff offline. The results of the study and the pioneering data-driven marketing statistics have bound the cuffs of the traditional marketers and sales moguls.

Here are some of the most fantastic revolutionary and attention-seeking future technologies for 2020:

  • Big Data

Big data is the buzzword. From last few years, every single business firm is seeking huge efforts to learn and perform the uses of big data. The Big data technology is a straightforward and effective concept. An excellent method to gather, organize and understand the data for the perk of the business. The quantitative output of the data-driven study is one of the focus strengths of the big data technology. You can get in touch with Magure softwares for any technical help.

  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become enormous leaps in the past few years. For example, a business can apply machine learning and offer the customer a new buying option. Depending on the study of history of the purchasing pattern and taste of the customer. Machine Learning could be a useful tool for the cyber financial scams. Artificial Intelligence could be a more strong system to fight the new complex cyber-attacks. In simple words, the highly advance leading computers (machines) performing tasks, which is commonly work by humans.

  • Market Automation

Every entrepreneur and the business administrator must be inform that the marketing automation is here to stay. In the present-day situation, a sales and marketing organisation must automate processes in every step possible to propose the best experiences for the customers. Businesses requirement leverage the benefits of this particular technology to erase the human-exclusive tasks. A sturdy automation device is tailored to the specific requirements of the business for 2020.

  • Cloud Computing

As per the research in 2018, 76% of the business industries and global companies are moving their information and data to the cloud. As future predict for 2020 it will expand to 80%. For example, Microsoft have the higher ability to safeguard and secure the valuable user data. The use of cloud computing technology would reduce the worry of security problems of the data for the business firms and improve them focus on other essential business activities.

  • Block Chain Technology

The Blockchain Technology is the disruptor of the Financial Industry. Mostly supported by the cryptocurrency industry, today, even the conservative banks have begun to clout its usage. The rise of the bitcoin industry has built the deep inquisitiveness of the block chain technology influencing the emerging markets. The block chain technology is a principle digital record which creates various chained blocks of data and ensures sales and marketing resources are focused on the numbers of the business. Each block preserves cryptographically relevant information which is impossible for a discrete entity to raze. Opt for Magure softwares to build any software solution.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The engaging Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is the famous catchphrase of every technocrat. The AR and VR are possibly remodeling the way customers interact with each other and the technology, inspiring the growth of pervasive settings. Augmented Reality will allow the user to merge the real and virtual world. With the help of VR technology, firms can deploy virtual business training and foreign involvement. These technologies are improving the way the end-user is seeing and interacting with the digital world. The system software with development stages and interface fight to deliver this technology.

As you might all know about Facebook Oculus Quest, it has all-in-one VR system. With six degrees of freedom that lets you look around in any direction and walk through virtual space just as you would in the physical world. This is the new technology everyone is waiting for, which will ship in spring 2019.

Well for all the corporate execs and IT managers out there, ML algorithms and machine learning technologies offer exciting and innovative mediums to build smart and interactive business models. That scale along with the rapidly changing digital economy of the modern world. If you are interested in app development, focusing on AI integration, feel free to reach out to Magure Softwares. The team at Magure Softwares have work on the development of various applications on different platforms and are equip with the latest tools and techniques in software development.


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