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It is appropriate to say that “The businesses are big because of big ideas, not because of money” But instead, what will you do if you imagine a tech product idea but have not a technical foundation? Would you build your specialized group internally or swing to outsourced product development? You have the accompanying four choices for this situation:

  •  Find a tech fellow founder (like finding your life-accomplice)
  •  Hiring in-house specialized group (high investments and longer expectation to learn and adapt)
  •  Outsource product development (favored by numerous non-tech founders for MVP stage)

In another situation, you have superb specialized expertise, however, don’t have enough resources (manpower, equipment, and so on.) to achieve your project in a given time span. What will you do in that case?

  •  Hiring in-house technical group (high speculations and longer learning curve)
  •  Hire an offshore dedicated team or co-development services (can be scaled up or downsize according to extend requirements)

In both cases, outsourcing your product development or hiring offshore devoted groups is the most practical and beneficial choice. Not just this, this is also favored alternative of by numerous new companies. Which presently has become “Tech Giants” with the assistance of their outsourcing services. In this blog, you will see some of these new startups.

How About We begin:


Its founders Dane Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström created an engaging program voice-calling. Along these lines, they outsourced their everything the development work to European specialists who assembled the stage for making calls with the help of a computer.

At the point when Skype application was emancipate. It gained over one million users just in a couple of months and turned into an instant hit. None of this would have been possible without three Estonian developers, Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla, and Priit Kasesalu, who developed the app’s entire back-end.


This startup gets its prosperity with the help of expert outsourced specialist Scott Chacon. In the first place, the founders of this organization procured Scott Chacon as the outsourced organization consultant.His task was to compose the back-end of Gist, or, in other words, the feature on GitHub. Because of the outsourced web and mobile development, the organization succeeded to pull in more than 11 million clients, and its value reaches to $2 billion today.


Once a small Internet organization, today this eCommerce giant is known as “eBay of China.” Jack Ma– founder of Alibaba– with just $20,000. When he started to develop his startup and outsourced site building to a few people from the U.S. The offshore development benefit acquired large revenue to this organization only three years and made it enormous.


In its initial days, slack utilized offshore development administrations for its startup. Slack hired a web designing organization to enhance its product. MetaLab revised the site and mobile application of Slack, and additionally redesigned its logo, and created the vast majority of what shoppers see when they interact using this messaging service. Today, this organization value is at $3 billion.


This startup turned out to be successful as a first site for distributing web applications. Its founder Noah Kagan manufactured the initial version of the site himself.

Next, he hired an independent developer to assemble a Paypal button. Hiring the independent developer cost him just $50. Today, this effectively outsourced startup is having value more than $2 million. Kagan claims that having a solid concept enable him to outsource the core development and make a cohesive product from the start.


In its initial days, Google had just 60 people working for it. As a startup, Google depended on outsourced development which it additionally does today. Presently, it’s well popular as outsourcing to subcontractors and is use by numerous huge tech organizations. This practice with regards to web application development has diverted Google from a small startup to the most powerful web monsters giving a prominent example of the best outsourcing organization.


This organization began with just 4 employees working for it. In any case, it has outsourced its development work and made the outsourcing its center business procedure. It hired numerous individuals who completed development from home. The popular project management software, initially a branch of web counseling organization 37Signals, was developing slowly after its launch in 2004. Today, this organization is a technology leader for remote workers.

Above were the software development that causes them to release new chances lastly turn into an effective organization

Outsourcing is considerably more than a cost-cutting tool. While hiring an independent developer or an office abroad can broaden a startup’s runway, the absolute most fruitful organizations are also utilizing outsourcing to build up their core products and to convey new plans and ideas to the table. Indeed, even organizations with establish development groups once in a while get outsourced developers to complement and expand on new projects. Outsourcing is a flexible tool that can help the primary concern of organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Previously mentioned tech giants relied on offshore software development that causes them to release new chances lastly turn into an effective organization. If you additionally have any web and mobile application development prerequisite, you can contact Magure Softwares : Hyderabad driving organization deals with web and mobile app development.

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