Digital Marketing in the Modern Economy

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing like traditional marketing comprises of all the practices and activities involved in promoting a certain product or service. These practices are commonly categorized into various distribution channels, primarily of electronic mediums, hence giving relevance to the term “Digital”. At this day and age, mobile phones have become almost a necessity and marketers are capitalizing on the need for the connectivity. If you have received any promotional SMS, emails, push notifications, in-app advertisements or the classic voice call promoting a certain offer, then you have experienced digital marketing from a consumer stand point.

Is that all? No, not even close. Globalization is the style of the 21st century entrepreneur and because of this need to reach out to a broader market base; Digital marketing has evolved from an additional & often cost incurring part of marketing into its own industry that caters to all businesses irrelevant of the product/service, the location and the mode of the operation.

 How Digital Marketing works?

Digital Marketing is rarely a standardized function. There are various factors that come into play while planning a digital marketing campaign or even designing a marketing plan. Different organizations have different needs and Digital marketing helps them meet those needs whether it is market awareness, build consumer preferences, promoting brands or just to increase revenue via repeat sales. It includes various tools of Marketing mix (just as it is with its traditional counterpart), some of them are terms you might have come across before, such as Email marketing, Marketing via social media networks, paid banners, SMS promotions and my personal favorite the automated voice call. However, in the past decade, due to the increasing usage of smart phones and computers, search engines have emerged themselves as keys to unlocking greater potential of digital Marketing.

Using the technology involved in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing, marketers are now able to promote or reach their consumers in the timely, effective and cost efficient manner.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

For most consumers, digital marketing has an indirect influence however for companies and marketers, its impact is more direct and results are often immediate. The immense impact created by full spectral usage of multiple channels of  influenced  even small to medium business to opt digital marketing techniques along with their traditional marketing activities. It may seem easy and cost effective to implement singular elements of the marketing mix but Digital marketing yields optimal results only when a combination of these elements work in synergy.

For instance, supermarkets and grocery outlets send out daily offers/ promotions to their patrons via SMS to the registered mobile number. This SMS campaign, as a singular marketing element will hold extremely less yield in terms of delivering the message but if accompanied by a well timed and well designed email, can yield a higher response rate which would result in increase of patrons to the supermarket on that particular day.  Hence, marketers practice a mix or a combination of 2 or more channels that are carefully timed, creatively designed and executed with well defined objectives.

Impact Session

  • Digital Marketing is currently evolving and will continue to do so along with the technological advancements in the IT industry and has already shown huge growth in many economies around the world.
  • Prudential understanding of the various elements in the marketing mix is the predominant factor in determine the success of the marketing efforts and distribution channels do not perform well when executed in isolation.
  • Content and context are the primary factors that strengthen Digital marketing activities; hence with the help of the search engine developments, personalized content marketing will soon be a general norm in all elements of the marketing mix.
  • Search engines and social media networks will continue to remain integral parts of digital marketing and further advancement into the search engine optimization and artificial intelligence will soon facilitate in automating the marketing industry.

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